March 23, 2010

Volvo, an example of Australia being behind in the reduction of Emissions

My Dad recently bought a Volvo C30 with DRIVe technology. I'm not going to evangelise it's features here, but if you go to the Irish Volvo Site and click through the DRIVe part of the website, you can see the details.

Now, I'm not saying I'm going to buy a Volvo, and the C30 wouldn't meet my needs, so I checked to see how far I could go on one tank of fue in an S80, and  noted it knows where I am, so I was told I could drive to Adelaide and Rockhampton on one tank.

Wow! Thought I, thats nearly 1200kms!

So I went to the Australian site and immediately spotted some subtle differences.


Can you tell?

How about you check the engine options on the S80 in the Australian Site with the Irish one.

So Volvo, or whoever own you now - simple question, at what point are you going to bring cars - already available worldwide - with this interesting, emission and fuel reduction technology to Australia?

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