May 14, 2009

The Rules of Customer Experience I learned this week

Preface: This isn't my egotistical set of truths, there are many better qualified people out there who can tell you some real rules about Customer Experience. However, this is what I learned this week.

Rule 1. A Customer is anyone who gains value out of using your service, free or otherwise
Rule 2. Never do anything to reduce or impact the value the Customer gains from your service without first engaging or advising of the change and why it needs to happen
Rule 3. If you are going to break Rule 2, attempt to come up with an Alternative method of delivering the value to the Customer.

Perhaps I will add more as I see them, but for now these have been inspired by this weeks #twitterfail episode known as #fixreplies

Twitter Broke Rule 2 without providing Rule 3. Various people thought that wasn't a problem, but there were enough people who it affected to think otherwise. We are a creative bunch, so we would have worked around the lack of a Rule 3 (It didn't take long), but the breaking of Rule 2 was unforgiveable, despite the whining of paid bloggers on large sites, who JUST DON'T GET THE DEFINITION OF A CUSTOMER

I'll add more once I dissect my notes from #cebit