March 25, 2010

Customer Experience, Apple Style

I just had to go through my entire iPhone Camera Roll to identify Photos and Videos which hadn't been taken on the iBone.


Apple think that you shouldn't be allowed to get your Photos off your iBone if you have the temerity to save MMS or Emailed Photos into your iBone Camera Roll.

But they don't stop you from saving them there, and don't tell you it will stop you from getting ANY photo off the iBone. Not only that, there isn't an alternative location to save them.

Even if there are technical reasons why they want to prevent Photos not taken from the device to be able to be pulled into your iPhoto (or even using Image Capture), preventing the computers Image Management from even recognising the device is some sort of bug. Exacerbated of course by not even correcting the Image Management on the iBone so that it stores these Images or Videos in a separate hierarchy.

Exacerbated further by Apple not even appearing to recognise the bug, which appears to have been spoken about online for at least 12 months and probably longer

Thank Christ for DropBox etc.

See more information on this ridiculous #fail by Apple.

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