September 30, 2009

Television Drug of the Nation

It has recently been grating on me that I pay a television distribution company aka Foxtel almost $100 a month for a Service. Events of this week have finally made me consider whether this is good value or not.

Last Saturday I sat down to watch the AFL Grand Final (only available on Channel 10) to discover none of the Free to Air Channels were being received by my Foxtel Box. Panic Ensued!

September 02, 2009

Beer Tweeting

242 of 365 (August 30th, 2009)
Originally uploaded by Glebe2037

When you've got me, you've got me ;) Loving the work of Mr @glebe2037 as he catches me in full disconnected (from IRL) mode. SOmetimes I feel Tad Williams writes books just about me.