July 29, 2010

So you’re not going to vote Labor because of #nocleanfeed…

I’ve seen lots of people talk about Net Censorship and how it is the only thing that people are going to use to define who they vote for in the election.

Firstly, anyone that votes only on one policy is nuts… there are a lot of things that makes Australia what it is… voting on one tiny aspect of a whole of government approach is just weird IMHO.

Now I am on the record as saying that I think the whole Net Filter is a big joke… (a bad one), but a joke. It won’t do one thing to stop what the government claims it is for. How often do you see when places are raided, collections of DVD burners. These DVD’s are distributed by hand or by post, not by the internet. But I digress…

From IT News

Ludlam, who has long opposed mandatory filtering, said the Liberals were likely to support Labor’s filtering proposal under Tony Abbott’s leadership.

“I think the Liberals are ducking and weaving; I think internally, they’re split … but the fact is, the party is led by Tony Abbott who is deeply conservative,” he said.

Never have truer words been said.  If you don’t think that a government lead by someone on the record by such a Conservative as Tony Abbott would not leap at an opportunity such as this (even if only partially technically feasible) you are in the words from The Castle ‘Dreaming Mate’.

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I've been curious that the Net Filter issue has been a bigger problem for many techies than the Liberals stated policy of killing the NBN, here's an interesting take on the Liberals and the Filter courtesy of Wolf Cocklin

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July 20, 2010

July 17, 2010

The faraday cage

Im a loser baby so why don't you kill me?

July 16, 2010

One more whiskey

One day, when an election is underway, we will celebrate it with whiskey.

These days we anticipate them as if we can dictate the outcome.

But haven't we had an election every time we've had an opinion poll?

How about some honesty?

How about a site which measures the people looking for your vote based upon their adherence the what we think are the real issues?

That's this site...and we want your content

Right? Left? Hot? Cool? We don't care, just send it to post@deeplyofftherecord.posterous.com and it'll go up here.

Just be a realist. Ask questions. Don't allow them to set the agenda, let us


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July 12, 2010

The heat is on for change: coal | The Australian

Each step of the coal life cycle -- mining, transportation, washing, combustion and disposing of post-combustion wastes -- affects human health. In Australia, research is lacking but there is no reason to believe similar effects are not occurring in coal communities here. To deny it would be akin to holding smoking causes lung cancer in the US but doesn't in Australia.

The health burden of coal in Australia is estimated conservatively at $2.6 billion a year. There are also economic losses due to land pollution and degradation and the open mining of good agricultural land in the face of the projected world food crisis.

David Shearman is emeritus professor of medicine, a practising physician and honorary secretary of Doctors for the Environment Australia.


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July 01, 2010

iPhone 4 Gyroscope Teardown - iFixit

"three red blood cells lined up side by side"
And we're worried about a bunch of people with minor reception issues?

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