March 24, 2010

The 9 Types Of "Social Media Experts" - WOOT! A definition of #SMEG's

To be sure, there are some people working in social media who really shouldn't be - but I don't believe this number is as high as others would say. Instead, I think that many people who could be great at certain roles are simply trying to fill the wrong role. So, to help, I thought I would share what I think the 9 types of social media experts really are.
Note the 'working in social media'. Tut, tut, typical marketer position on 'What is Social Media' For the record, here is my view, previously shared on Mumbrella:
I’m against it. Social Media that is. Especially in the sense that it is only about “creating successful measurable campaigns”. I call this thing called social media “online conversation”. The social part of this “online” media being the facilitation of the conversations with a huge new channel. Yes you marketers use it, sometimes successfully. But don’t tell me you have some ownership of it. I’m against it. We all “own” social media. And we’ll do what we damn well please with it.
Also, the author isn't Irish, it is illegal for him to use 'To be sure' in a post without prior Authorisation from the Murphia.

Update, if you want to know what #SMEG means, it is now defined at

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