February 25, 2009

The #cleanfeed

I'll use the opportunity of my first post on Blogger to decry the attitude of various people with regards to the proposed Clean Feed here in Australia. I'm not going to use this post to write a long opinion of the proposal but instead highlight the comments I have made on the subject in Twitter.
You can see my posts here
You might note I am generally in dispute with the logic being proposed by people such as Jim Wallace, Clive Hamilton and Bernadette McMenamin. I also would like to note that I'm worried that the obvious passion being displayed by the anti lobby is in danger of crossing over to personal belittling and downright abuse of those who are in the pro lobby. Just like in Politics, this won't assist the lobby at all IMHO.
I do note that an online colleague in twitter - Stilgherrian - has some fantastic commentary focusing on the shortcomings of the pro lobbies arguments. You can read his opine here