March 10, 2010

The Lines are open, but no-one is listening

I rarely watch Free to Air TV, not because it doesn't sometimes (okay hardly ever) have good content, but because of the quantity and (lack of) quality of the advertising - most especially those ads which aren't.

I really question, having sat through the Blackadder marathon last week on one of them, whether the advertisers actually think they are getting value? I'm sure the metrics are telling them yes - but if I was an Advertiser, I'd be querying it anyone remembered my brand halfway through a 4 minute ad break? Maybe that's the sweet spot for someone coming back from a piss or getting another Beer?

Anyway, I turned off most of Blackadder, as even that humour was getting abused by the shit it was being associated with.

I say, let them put as much cross-promotion and advertising as they like all day every day. The 'majority' of the population which currently watches these channels will soon realise there are myriad alternative ways to get Blackadder which no longer involves having to sit through 7 or 8 ads in one break for every 5 or 6 minutes.

Having an online complaints mechanism is very modern, but if there are no penalties and the outcomes are ignored, what's the point? Let them all kill each other anyway, they're all dead already. They advertisers which keep them alive just don't know that yet.

Fuck it, lets just cross-post our twitter hastag for Hey, Hey when it comes back to the Online complaints page.

That'd be awesome!

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