The Commenting Policy

Much as I am loathe to copy commercial bloggers and while I'd rather not have to over-moderate comments or restrict conversation, there are some rules to what I will allow to be posted here.
  1. Identify yourself.
    I think it is unfair for anyone to read someones comment without some term of reference - no matter how interesting your observation. I may, sometime leave comments by unknown authors through at my discretion, but only if it adds great benefit to the post.
  2. Don't get personal
    I may become pretty strict on this, but as I mention above, I'll give some leeway - especially if I know who you are
  3. Keep your commentary on Topic.
    If you want to get tangential, then we can chat on Twitter or elsewhere.
 So as to allow me to publish posts which IMO breach 2 and 3, make sure I have 1 so I can contact you to discuss.