February 19, 2010

Digital Citizens

I originally posted this article via a Posterous quote from Mumbrella

I'm updating it to include a brief explanation of my reason for getting involved, as published on the Digital Citizens Site.
I'm a conversationalist and oversharer in real life, and for some mad reason have been switched on to the value of what’s become known as Social Media almost since I first signed up to Facebook, Twitter et al a couple of years back. I firmly believe online is an enormous channel for widening conversations and sharing knowledge with a whole set of new people, promoting a wider world view and, hopefully a much more tolerant society.
Recent Studies show on average, people were much more likely to display their real personality on the social networking sites. While we have developed trusted relationships online, often there aren’t places to have those conversations facilitated in real life as often it isn't practical to catch up in the pub or over coffee - and anyway they aren't venues where the conversation can 'go large.
I like to think I've become a part of Digital Citizens because I believe it exists to help us to do this. I believe in sharing stories, why don’t you come and tell us yours?
And here is an extract from the original article over at Mumbrella
Duo quit Social Media Club committee to launch Digital Citizens
Two members of the Social Media Club Sydney organising committee have quit their roles to launch an alternative organisation aimed at attracting a wider audience than marketing professionals

Mumbrella can reveal that Digital Citizens will launch in Sydney on Tuesday March 9.

It is the work of a committee of five including SMCSYD co-founders Heather Ann Snodgrass and Cathie McGinn. The others are James Fridley, Gavin Costello and Scott Rhodie.

Former Amnesia and Host staffer Snodgrass now works with PR agency Klick; McGinn works at digital agency The Reading Room; Fridley is from a research background; Costello is a technologist at Telstra and Rhodie runs digital PR agency House Party.

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