February 10, 2010

The case for climate action must be remade from the ground upwards | Ian Katz The Guardian

Those who want action on climate change will meanwhile have to accept a more incremental approach. Mead describes the effort to secure a global deal as "like asking a jellyfish to climb a flight of stairs; you can poke and prod all you want, you can cajole and you can threaten. But you are asking for something that you just can't get". Even the head of an NGO who has argued passionately for a binding, comprehensive deal tells me: "Maybe you've got to unpick the uber-deal and work out which bits are possible to do now, and build confidence."

Finally, anyone who cares about this issue must fight to keep it alive.

We still believe in the agreed science. However, the greyness at the edges, the scare stories must stop - as I've written before.

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