January 03, 2010

Why a Football team and a Rock and Roll Band have more in common than may you think

(while watching The Birthday Party Live in Manchester from 1982 & 1983  on Rage in tribute to Rowland S Howard)
Just as a football team without a solid, reliable defensive unit cannot win enough games to win anything, so a Rock and Roll Band needs a bass and drums unit which lays down a base for the rest of the band to 'win' with.
Just as a Rock and Roll Band needs a guitarist of virtuosity to create the excitement  needed to maintain the audience during the gaps between the lead singers frivolity, so the football team needs to creative genius to conjure up the visionary passes, the legendary stepovers, the flicked one-two's.
And so both the football team and the rock band must have the front man to score the goals, both figuratively, lyrically and physically. But without the virtuoso or the rock at the back, the front man is sitting anonymously up the front.

What's your favourite unit?

The bands I'm thinking of above include the Pixies and the Birthday Party among others. The Football teams? Liverpool 1988, but I'm biased.
This years Liverpool team just illustrates the problems of having a front man without the supporting band and the virtuoso.

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