December 31, 2009

Don't Look Back

I'm being consistent here. My 2010 view is going to be simply, learn from your experiences but lets not overly focus on what has gone by. So I've used the same title in a whole lot of places.
One of the big challenges in 2010 will be my commitment to reduce Energy use. If we can't rely on the Politicians to create the correct environment, we can at least begin to show our cards as well as our words. There is an election in Australian in 2010, and Climate Change MUST remain on the agenda throughout the year.
In order for you to understand what has happened here in 2009, I thought the use of a Wordle would help.

In order for you to understand my pretty intense feed on twitter, and this is important because without twitter through 2008 and 2009, I wouldn't have this blog, see this wordle

And - there is an updated blog post on this below - kudos must go to those who have responded to shit I threw which hit the fan. Big words to Foxtel, cos you have taken plenty from me. I hope 2010 is a much more pleasant relationship. As for FIFA? Well I hope everyone enjoys the World Cup in 2010, though I suspect it'll just be another freak show for the suits in the crowd.

Finally, big shout out to Gavin Heaton and the perfect gift for a man boys for stimulating my 'comeback' so to speak. And to those who continue to engage with me on a day to day basis. There are many of you, but special mention to Karalee Evans, Toby Greer, Mal Damkar, glebe2037, Tiphereth Gloria, Tim Moreillon, Scott Rhodie, Stilgherrian, Craig Wilson and Markus Hafner, (who put me on to that twitter shit in the first place). To Sally for bearing with me while I learn this stuff and James Fridley for well being #iamthefridley


  1. Gav, just saw your shout out now. Not to worry, I'm only two weeks late and I've had a bit on.

    But thank you! You are one of my fav people and I'm enjoying reading your new directions for 2010. Some of your environmental whining, er I mean advocating, is even rubbing off! I didn't use the air con yesterday :P


  2. Good woman! I hope 2010 becomes very positive to you and yours!