November 09, 2009


Watching Tonight's Media Watch I was imagining Gary Linnell and David Penberthy choking on their Schooners right at the end there. Oh actually, all I have to do is to read this from the aforementioned Penberthy to find out what he thought. If they were reading the #pwnednudierun twitter feed it generated they may have chilled out somewhat, though I doubt it.

Ideally, however, they would be hard at work coming up with a Smart Position on deflecting how amateur they have been made to look over recent weeks. It's one thing for Uncle Rupert to be claiming to be charging for their 'Unique' Content, its another thing to do it while his key Masthead in Australia's biggest Market have been played for fools something around 10 times this year. Most ominously when they were sucked in by Godwin Grech but also the Pauline Hanson Photos and, as highlighted on tonights Media Watch, the blowtorch torture affair - still online (as soon to be charged for original content) here.

So what should they do tomorrow? Ignore it and it will go away? Write a story about and laugh it off? Something more clever writers than I might come up with?

Juding by Penberthy's humourless ripostes on Twitter tonight, somehow I doubt it. Most likely they will be sucking on Lemons and getting Andrew Bolt and Janet Albrechtsen et al to join them in 'conference'* so they can call Jonathon Holmes and the ABC names or continue Uncle Ruperts inane ramblings on them 'Stealing' Content. I'm waiting for the flurry of muck from Tim Blair, Piers at al to appear on The Punch and in the Tele any time soon.

If that is the only content you have to offer, News, I doubt they want to steal it. I know I don't

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