November 19, 2009

An open letter to FIFA

This Letter was Posted to FIFA at their Feedback site. If you feel strongly enough about this and related issues, I suggest you do the same!

Dear Sepp and fellows
I'm sure you are happy with the Great results overnight and the immense Fairplay displayed, especially at the Stade de France.
Can't imagine how Irish people are dismayed, for surely it was determined long in advance that France have a divine right to play in the World Cup Finals. And anyway, Thierry Henry is such a fine fellow isn't he?
I also imagine it is a TOTAL coincidence that the referee who was chosen for that game has a history of perfect decisions in crucial moments in matches.
Anyway, surely all the Irish people, who are completely one eyed, would've been completely proven wrong even if you did introduce Technology, or even an extra pair of eyes behind the goal. As this illustration clearly shows.

The wonderful thing for FIFA is that your TV money can now be kept nice and high for the World Cup in South Africa now that pure brilliance from one of the worlds best players and referees has ensured another big market has 'made it'
Keep up the good work, Sepp and Fellows. I hope you choke on your own corpulence


  1. So on the ball it is not funny. Football is after all a huge business. Reminds me of the Australia Italy game in the last World Cup.

  2. Hi Both
    Yes, the moment FIFA changed the Seeding rules, was the moment you started to sniff rats. But its football and anything can happen. Who is to say the French wouldn't have got another lucky goal or even a cracker later on and still qualified? Sadly, Henry and the officials put paid to the fairness of football and our chance of a 'fairytale' :)
    Still it was nice to Slovenia go through (with no disrespect to Russia) as a palm in the face of Sepp and his crew

  3. I sent this to them on the contact page....

    I am disgusted after yesterdays game between Ireland and France. It is completely unreasonable that the fate of a country is decided by blatant abuse of the rules.

    It is clear that the provisions provided by FIFA to uphold the rules of the game are not adequate. You must review the current structure of officials and review the use of technology in such high profile games.

    You have sent out a message to all members of society young and old that cheaters will prevail. This is a very bad message to attach to the message of the World Cup.