August 26, 2009

Credit Where Credits Due

Recently I put in a letter to Coopers Brewery.
I did this because
  1. I'm a big fan of their beer, especially the Pale Ale and
  2. Greenpeace had made a big thing about certain companies responding or not responding to a survey they did on the way certain ingredients were sourced, and especially if they are GM.
Coopers were one of the companies who at the time the article was published had not responded to the survey and therefore it was up in the air as to whether they were using GM Ingredients or not.

I wished them to clear the air.

Some weeks passed and here is the response I got from Coopers
Dear Customer

I am responding to you e-mails of concern about the GM status of Coopers beers and homebrews.

I can assure you that Coopers contains no ingredients derived from GM organisms. We are proud of our no additive and no preservative status and would never move away from our traditional brewing methods for our ales and stouts.


Nick Sterenberg
Operations Manger
Coopers Brewery Ltd
Perhaps the delay in responding was due to them checking their suppliers productions and growing facilities to see if they were a-OK. Either way, credit where credit is due, especially as they have been quite categorical in how they word it.
I immediately went and purchased me a case of Pale to whet my thirst. I'd been hanging out for a few weeks ;)
Now it appears only Fosters are on the list. Not surprised really, VB could hardly be called Beer in the correct sense of the word anyway. I imagine it's been GM'd since before the flood.

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