August 12, 2010

The Politics of Fear #ausvotes


The Labor’s 100 Million Dollars a Day.  Why is this a problem, quite simply because the Liberals have said they will pay of the deficit at more or less the same time.  So this means that the Liberals if they get power will have exactly the same level of debt repayments that Labour currently has.  So the issue is that if the Libs get power, they will do exactly what Labor are already doing?  A large number of (possibly overpaid) financial experts all agree that Australia weathered the GFC (or whatever technical term you wish to apply) incredibly well and that no matter who was in power, the government of the day would have entered into some level of debt.

As has been pointed out, the debt levels that Australia has are 2nd to none in the world.  ( and not just because of the last 10 years, but 20 years of economic reform ), yet the Liberals run a policy of fear.


So the numbers are bullshit, the argument is flawed and the subjective nature is exploitative.  Why, because it works.  The politics of fear has always been the way of politics.  Even the Greens use these tactics.  As they say, doesn’t matter who you vote for… a politician gets in.  With ads like this and people believing them, this will never change.

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Lowest level of debt in OECD, despite this spending. Labour seem to be incapable to selling this. As I wrote this morning "Of course Governments shouldn't invest tax dollars in the country, Tony. They should keep it to Pork barrel Nationals electorates"
A Governments job is to invest our taxes in the country. Especially if times are tough and especially if you more than have the means to pay it back.
I can't understand how the Libs are getting a free ride on this because, yes, it's errant Nonsense.

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