June 16, 2010

What do those "who only think of the Children" fail to tell us?

See the Written Declaration currently going through the EU Parliament


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DS29_EN.pdf (101 KB)

On the Surface it looks all sweetness and light, but take a look at what the Swedish Pirate Party Say


If you follow the reference to Directive 2006/24/EC, an old acquaintance rears its ugly head: the Data Retention Directive.

According to the Data Retention Directive, which is currently in various stages of implementation in the different member states, Internet service providers and mobile network operators are required to collect and save data about who we are in contact with and where we are located. With Written declaration 29, search engines like Google and others will have to collect and save data about our searches, and make the data available to the police on demand.

This is the same bullshit which our Attorney -General is proposing to introduce here.


I suggest you contact your local MP if you have any concerns around this.

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