October 19, 2009

Creating Intangible Value in the Climate Change Debate

I just wrote a rather lengthy blog for blog action day in which my basic tenet was the conversation around Climate Change had to change to be more postive. Conincidentally I've just watched Rory Sutherland on TED discuss in gallingly wonderful terms on how to create 'intangible added value to replace actual material value'.At about 6'45" in the video he touches briefly on the Climate Change Debate in which he nails my argument exactly. He posits that this is what Climate Change Campaigners should be doing and then moves on to the rest of his presentation. No more needs to be said.
I heartily recommend this 16 minutes to all. Best Ted video I've seen since Ken Robinsons on Education

1 comment:

  1. What fascinating & entertaining insight from Sutherland; a man whose background is about getting us to spend our money on desire. So the core of re-badging Climate Change Policy isn’t regulation, but making it desirable for consumers to change their perceptions and want to be more carbon (dioxide) neutral (and other GHGs) and show it off; just like the Prussian cast iron jewellery.
    Politicians and consumers need to watch more of uplifting Rory Sutherlands and less guilt imposing Al Gores if we are to succeed.