April 16, 2009

Hillsborough and BBC World

Open Letter to BBC World after their IMHO rather shoddy coverage of tonight's Hillsborough memorial
I think it wouldn't be beyond belief for us to expect the BBC World Service would provide expatriate Liverpool fans, or just Football fans in general to feel they were participating in the 20th Anniversary Memorial of the Hillsborough disaster. Instead you treated today as a standard news day and couldn't even put aside normal programming for 20 minutes. I find that disgraceful. English people overseas probably form the majority of your audience, yet instead it appears the more we watch your news programming the more american centric it becomes. Rationally there is enough American centric News, you should cater for your audience - even for 20 minutes of 1 20th Anniversary for a tragedy which happened in the country where you and your viewers are from.
I wish I could say regards, but instead I must show my disregard for what you provided us tonight.
As I write they are still crossing to Anfield for a few seconds at a time and voiceover commentary. See my twitter commentary on this here http://bit.ly/4BJsRM

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